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Seduce My Mind And You Can Have My Body Find My Soul And Im Yours ForEveR

Christmas... For the first time in my life im happy its over. Its…

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Christmas... For the first time in my life im happy its over.
Its rather sad to feel that way considering Christmas is the one thing i look forward too every single year and anticipate happily. This year became over whelming and im glad its over.
What did i get.. a Green Vacuum

a treadmill
which i have to use or else im in trouble lol, a beautiful pair of 1.5 carat earings, hopefully that means good lol. and of course my digi cam! some perfume a jacket from my dad some ghost books from my sister that im just about done with already. fudge from emily tinkerbell necklace from angela mom got me two sets of jammas which i love! and a few other things.

So as far as present wise it turned out good. But as far as ppl wise UCK! have you ever stood behind 15 cows and tryed to make them move by being nice?!?! thats what it felt like.. trying to get these ppl out of my house was like trying to herd cows through barbed wire!!!

im not gonna dwell on it because its over and im glad, but next year will be a bit different im sure of it =)

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